A. Family Portrait Photography Session, San Diego, California

This family will always hold a special place in my heart and memories. Not only were they a pleasure to meet and photograph, they were the first family to find me on Instagram and hire me based on my portfolio. How cool is that?

I regularly tell my clients that I will do just about anything to get their kids to smile–goofy voices, silly faces…I’ll even stand on my head, if I have to. This little one, however, didn’t make me work hard at all. I also love the rich colors they chose for clothing, which were not only perfect for fall, but for an overcast day at the beach, which tends to render everything in pale neutrals.

I always say my favorite photos are the ones that look like memories or events that I just happened to catch with my camera. Posed pictures are wonderful, but there’s nothing quite like capturing the unbridled joy of a little one playing peek-a-boo or the tenderness of a little one nestling into her mother’s neck.