Thanks for visiting! I’m a family/portrait and humanitarian photographer based in San Diego, California. Whether I’m photographing a family on one of San Diego’s beautiful beaches or serving in a remote village in Haiti, I am devoted to capturing and recording the beauty of this colorful life.

As a child, I watched my father, who regularly traveled the world, document what he saw with his equally well-traveled Nikon.  He taught me how to see beauty that others might not notice, and to use my camera as a way to connect with others. I also became accustomed to the constant presence of a camera, as he documented my childhood–and that of my eight siblings–as well (we have LOTS of photos like this one to the right).


Today, I’m a mom of little ones–two by adoption and two by marriage–and, following my father’s example, I’ve spent the better part of the past decade with my Nikon in hand. Photographing the all-too-brief seasons of our lives and creating timeless photographs has become a passion that I am overjoyed to share with my clients. And the portrait photography I do at home makes it possible for me to help shine a light on the strength and resilience of people all over the world, another passion I inherited from my father.

I’ve spent much of my career telling stories as a professional writer, and I apply those same storytelling skills to my photography. My style of portraiture is intimate and interactive, and anything but staid. Laughter and love, spontaneity and fun, and, of course, beauty all figure prominently in my family portraits, and my aim is to capture lasting memories of this particular moment in my clients’ lives.

When I became a mom for the first time (I adopted my oldest daughter when I was single), I made a commitment to not only create and keep memories of her childhood, but to make sure she had photos of us together as well. I knew that someday she would want to have photographs of herself with her mommy, not just a million of her alone (or, later, with her three siblings). With phones in hand, it’s no problem to document everyday life, but how much more will she treasure the ones of us altogether? And I’m sure your kids will, too.