Sibling Session, Family Photographer, San Diego, California

“The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out of his nose.” —Garrison Keillor

Do you have siblings? If you do, you know your siblings can drive you crazy, but they’ve always got your back and would defend you ’til the end of the earth. This is one of the reasons brothers and sisters are among my favorite subjects to photograph.

Case in point: The brother-sister duo. I was contacted by their aunt to take their portraits while they were in town visiting—she thought it would be a great gift for their mom (her sister). With a four-year age difference, I wasn’t entirely sure how it would go, but they were so close and so sweet with one another (and just all-around adorable) that it made my job was easy. Of course, the perfect weather, just the right amount of clouds rolling in, and an incredibly beautiful beach added to the magic.

I always tell my subjects before a shoot that I’m going to be bossy and tell them to do some goofy stuff, but they’re always welcome to tell me no. Hey, you never know if a little brother is going to tolerate a hug from his sister (without looking like he just swallowed a live goldfish). Or if a teenager will let down her guard and risk looking silly. I have found, however, that this is the best way to avoid going home with a card full of stiff and awkwardly posed pictures. And as you’ll see below. I’m pretty sure it worked.

I love the idea of freezing these moments in time—the hilarious little brother, the big sister growing more beautiful every day. Childhood is but a blink. And while the relationships we have with our brothers and sisters last forever, they change and grow as fast as the calendar pages turn. Photographs help us notice and document the passage of time and hold onto memories worth saving. If you’ve been wanting to have family portraits done, but keep putting it off for one reason or another, consider doing a sibling session. It’s a lot less pressure on you, less expensive than a full family session, and you will be so happy with the memories we capture. You can reach me by clicking on the Email Me button above. I hope to hear from you soon!